Duplicate Content Penalty

Many websites try to skip the time consuming process of writing quality content and optimizing it with relevant keywords, by just copy pasting content. But they don’t realize that it only contributes towards diminishing the search engine ranking of their site. Here are some of the major disadvantages of following this practice:
1. If you have multiple links on your sites with content duplication, the bot crawls them and penalizes their page rank.
2. Your website’s credibility also suffers because of duplicate content.
3. Search bots have techniques to detect duplicated content. They can mark your website as spam if you repeatedly use content duplication to bring traffic to your site.
4. Search engine algorithms have become very advanced and complex. They maintain catalogs of original content for their user’s search satisfaction. If you make a new website and use duplicate content, search engines will most likey ignore and penalize your content to present only original content to the users.
It is evident that in the long run, content duplication will harm your site’s reputation and your website will become less popular among both your visitors and search engines. Instead of instant and easy fame, content duplication makes your website less visible online.


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