According to Alexa’s web traffic analysis, Twitter is one of the 10 most visited websites around the globe. Businesses, celebrities and general public use it as a hub to share what they are doing with their circle of friends. With such a large and widespread audience, twitter has emerged as an excellent tool for marketing and gaining online exposure. Using twitter to promote your business requires some planned effort. Here’s how you should go about it:
1. Join Twitter:
You first need to sign up and make a business account on Twitter, which is free.
2. Set Up Profile:
Make a professional business profile with no information field left empty and no fake or celebrity images. Using your brand logo as profile picture is the best way to represent your business on Twitter.
3. Browse Interests:
Now that your business is all set to be found, it’s time you expose yourself to the world of Twitter. First you need to make your business a part of the relevant business niche. Twitter provides an option to find interests among a variety of possible interactions like business, art, sports, technology, travel etc. It also provides lists of people and business profiles that are popular.
4. Who To Follow:
Now that you know your options, start following the most relevant and interactive profiles. This way you can let relevant people and businesses follow you back.
5. Tweet:
The final most important step is to “Tweet”. Tweet about your latest news, views and reviews on business, current affairs and relevant issues. Tweet repeatedly and spread productive stuff that makes you audience eager to tweet back.
Twitter As a Marketing Tool:
i. Market your website with tweets. Whenever you have news or updates, tweet about it and link to your site. Direct links can serve as a source of back-links from the followers.
ii. Tweets get sighted in Google rich snippets, so a smart choice of business keywords and rapid timely tweets allows your business to get traffic directly from Google as well.
Twitter As a Networking Tool:
i. Engage you audience with the feature of tagging. Make sure you tag the news, people, websites and generally any links you are referring to in every tweet. Not only does this personalize your contact with your audience, it also allows them to interact and respond by viewing your referred links, thus becoming a traffic source.
ii. Follow and get followed. Stay connected with your followers by following their recommendations, and you’ll most certainly be returned the favor.