How to Receive Traffic from Image Search

The graphics of a website are responsible for making a lasting first impression on the audience. Attractive images are a significant part of your website’s layout as they speak for your business more creatively than words can ever do. In this article we’ll discuss how much you can and should rely on images for SEO and traffic generation.
The truth is that images don’t play a direct role in giving your website a high page rank. However, they can be used as a tool for driving more traffic from search engines. Search engines have a separate feature to show image results for specified keywords. Following are some tips to optimize images for better traffic generation:
1. Each image should be separately optimized according to the keywords it is associated with. You can give the keyword in ALT tags for the search engines to index it accordingly.
2. Design your website’s interface such that there is one image per page. Optimize the image with the same keywords as the container webpage.
3. If you are using images as hyperlinks, be sure to add the ALT tag with well-thought and relevant keywords.
4. Image headers with hyperlinks should be explicitly given in anchor texts. Anchor text should also contain keywords.
5. If your website offers an option for uploading images that you want to be optimized for traffic generation, then use HTML to upload the images. This configures the images with ALT tab and makes them readable and accessible for search engines.
The more optimized your image is, the higher it will be ranked in image results on a search engine.


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