Improving PPC Landing Page Quality Score

PPC (Pay Per Click) is one of the many models of Internet advertisement, which allows the ad-hosting website to get paid by the advertisers when an ad is clicked. This makes it a mutually beneficent relationship where the host gets paid and the advertised website is getting traffic and back-links. What brings your more click is your landing page’s quality score.

Quality score is the numeric value assigned to your keywords in relation to your landing page’s relevance to the user’s search query. The higher your quality score, the better your ad placement will be and the cost per click will also go down. Following are some useful tips to improve your quality score:
1. Don’t Leave the Search Bot in a Limbo:
One of the primary techniques used by Google, to determine an advertised website’s quality score, is to look for a sitemap. Sitemaps help search engines in understanding what a website is all about, thus enabling search engines to see how relevant the search query is to the landing page. So a sitemap makes it easier for you to get a high quality score easily. Be sure to provide an updated and complete sitemap that does not make the search bot lose track of your important pages.
2. Bridge Advertisement and Website Sensibly:
A website’s homepage is not always the landing page. Choose the web page most closely related to the advertisement in terms of both content and keywords.
3. Use the Power of Keywords:
Identify which keywords are the most relevant to your niche by using tools like Google Adwords. See how different keywords can benefit your advertisement’s ranking and pick the ones that are most valuable.
4. Value Your Keywords:
After picking the most relevant and important keywords, use them effectively in your content.  These keywords should also be used on the landing pages as tags to help search engines index them.


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