Amazing Linkbait Ideas

Linkbait refers to anything on the web that drives other people to link to it. These links can be made via multiple channels like websites, blogs, articles, social networking sites, social bookmarking sites, email or any other word of mouth on the web. When being viral is the idea of creating linkbaits, every other website promotion team has its know-how. Then what makes certain linkbaits DO the trick? Here’s 5 ideas how linkbaits can bait links for your website:
1. Be Innovative:
Come up with something new weather it is the format of writing on blogs, articles or any other source of social interaction you choose. Make your linkbait strategy stand out by being creative in information delivery. Let’s say, use compelling graphics and animations as your agents and wrap your message highlighting creativity and attraction.
2. Create Hype:
Headlines are the basic means to tell if a reader will scroll down a post, read it or genuinely spread it. Make your headline a tool to create hype about what you are offering. Instead of saying: “Tourism Destinations”, say something like: “Places worth getting shot in.” This would make a viewer curious about your website, and the attractive content is an add-on to making your linkbaits.
3. Being a Social Animal is NOT Overrated:
Social interaction for your website via social bookmarking, social media interaction and social networking, are all sources of linkbaits. Never think that their time has gone to do linkbait wonders. The truth is, with more and more people gaining access to these channels across the Globe, it is certainly driving more audience to participate in your linkbait.
4. Spread the “Complete” Word:
Give complete information to the user. Information hiding can be considered as a source of hype but in effect it does more harm than good. When making linkbaits, what counts is credibility. Ensure you are not risking your credibility over linkbaits.
5. Provide Contact Information:
Last but not the least, whichever platform or medium of linkbait you use, provide complete contact information. Give your complete website URL and any other piece of information like office hours, that need be supplied for further assistance of your audience who are making your linkbait, a success.


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