Get Online Exposure From Viral Marketing

Internet Marketing can be seen as an explicit activity for a dedicated marketing team working on various projects to achieve a single goal: GAIN ONLINE VISIBILITY. Viral marketing has made this target easily achievable to an extent of overnight success. The secret ingredient to the success of viral marketing is to make your business website ATTRACTIVE. Being attractive to masses is not as simple as it is to say. Internet audience encompasses people from all age groups, multitude of ethnicities, variant geographical, cultural and religious backgrounds, entirely different linguistics, and above all, two genders. To make content appealing to all these rich diversities of mankind, is what viral marketing demands, but is not as easy to achieve in practice.

Here is how compelling content can be designed to have viral marketing boost your business website’s online exposure:

1. Make People Relate To Your Content:
We daily see people following trends and something that is just “IN”. Make yourself visible on what’s IN these days, so that people can notice you as a part of what they already like. In other words, take advantage of other’s success. For instance, a movie is a HIT. Your viral marketing can offer a free ticket on inviting say 10 visitors to your content. It can be sponsored but as long as you are getting your part of the deal, it’s worth it.

2. Involve Curiosity:
Involve a strong emotion in your content. Make it either happy or sad, but not both. Don’t get neutral in feelings as it does not leave any lasting impact. You can offer in pieces, i.e. tell half the story and let the audience guess the next part. Curiosity drives emotions and is the best attention seeking tool.

3. Allow sharing on multiple platforms:
Make your content compatible with multiple sharing sites. Never restrict your audience to view your content. Allow downloads and shares on as may platforms as can possibly be. Do not get brand conscious. A platform big or small, old or new, it can attract significant numbers of the variations of humanity.

4. Be innovative and Unexpected:
Always think of something new. You can use what’s IN (as I discussed above) but you need to emerge from there and not submerge. Also don’t advertise your product or campaign or whatever you are virally marketing. Make your message strong enough to convey your content.

Let people do your marketing, but for that, let creativity flow. Break the boundaries, be the trend setter, and see your viral marketing campaign being a success.


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