Make Way…I’m Heading to the Front Page of Digg!

Digg is a social news website where people can read a story, vote for it to make it famous, or bury the story if they dislike it. The significance of Digg for business marketing and SEO is remarkable and can be assessed from the fact that a story on the front page of Digg makes its way to top Google rank. It directs so much of traffic to your site that your server might choke. A temporarily jammed server is not a bad price to be paid for such a heavy traffic influx, bound to increase your website’s popularity as well as generate business revenues. But how to take your story to the front page of Digg? Here’s how:

1. Join Digg:
To begin with, make an account on Upload your own profile picture instead of fake images or company logos.
2. Page 1 Speaks!:
See Digg’s page 1 and notice the titles of the stories and the stories themselves as to how they relate. Catchy and informative stuff is what people Digg. So make your story exciting and add a catchy headline. Stay updated with news and share the pieces you find exciting. See the first page of Digg again and notice how you find the stories appealing to all.
3. Take what it offers, and return the favor:
On page 1, see people who Digg more often than they submit stories. You can see this in the stats of various people. Digg their recent/top stories to take the first steps of interaction.

4. Make a Network:
Make a friend list by adding the people whose stories you Digg. In a few days you will have a fairly large network comprising top ranked users of Digg. Now as you share a story, they are most likely to return the favor and you are on your way to sharing your content.
5. Digg It!:
Add a “Digg It” button on your site as well to make ion-site interaction possible. It is likely that someone who does not appreciate your story enough to Digg it might find your website content worth it. So avail all possible chances of getting a Digg up.


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