Pick an Online Advertising Platform That Suits Your Business Needs

If you are looking to promote your products, services or brand on the web, then be sure to explore the various advertising platforms available online before making a decision. One company’s advertising campaign might not be suitable for another as all businesses have their own marketing needs and budget limitations. Here are some of the popular online advertising platforms that can be used for most types of marketing strategies:

  • Google AdWords: It has emerged as the most widely used advertising platform because Google funnels a lot of traffic and caters to an extremely broad audience. People who search for one of your targeted keywords will see your ad on the results page. Google also has the largest advertising network, which means that your ads will be displayed on all sorts of websites. This will cost you more for high competition keywords and less for long tail keywords. Google’s pay per click advertising platform also includes a very powerful analytics tool that can help you track your website’s conversion rate.
  • Yahoo & MSN: Not only do Yahoo & MSN follow a PPC and CPM model similar to that of Google, but they are also more liberal in what they allow advertisers to include in their campaigns. Many businesses choose to advertise through Yahoo & MSN because their packages are relatively cheaper.
  • Facebook & Twitter: With more than 600 million users across the globe, Facebook is fast becoming a popular advertising platform. In addition to being more affordable than Google AdWords, it also provides more demographic filters such as age, gender, and relationship status. It enables advertisers to customize their target audience with surgical precision and even has its own tracking tools. Most companies display banner ads on Facebook. Twitter, on the other hand, allows companies to promote their tweets on various twitter pages. A lot of companies are now advertising on Twitter as the opportunity of becoming viral on the Internet through retweets is just too good to pass.
  • Other advertising avenues: Many companies choose to advertise on popular blogs and forums that are related to their business. However, not all websites offer this facility. Advertising on blogs and forums can be very effective as they empower you to advertise on websites of your own choice without having to compromise your budget. Online games and smart phone applications are also gaining popularity among advertisers.

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