Press Releases Still Most-Trusted Source of Company News

According to Pew’s latest State of the News Media report, as reported in Entrepreneur Magazine, 82% of Americans now get their news online via a desktop or laptop computer, while 54% say that they get their news from a mobile device (a tablet or smartphone).

Inkhouse and GMI conducted a similar study recently and found that 73 percent of news consumers turn to TV for their news, followed by news websites (52 percent), print sources (36 percent) and radio (25 percent), which barely beat out social media (23 percent).

When it comes to sharing news, email and social media are tops, with email representing 34 percent of news media shares and social right behind at 29 percent.

Traditional media is still winning the fight when it comes to trusted forms of communication, however. Old-fashioned press releases are still the most-trusted form of brand communication, beating out blogs, CEO articles and ads (though nearly half of the folks surveyed don’t trust any form of company-generated news).

Press release infographic

Americans over age 18 trust press releases more than other forms of company news.

The same survey surprised some readers by reporting that press releases are the most trusted source of company-generated news among Americans ages 18+. Press releases won by a long shot – 33% of respondents trust them the most, followed by articles authored by the CEO (16%), blog posts by the CEO (4%) and advertisements (3%).

The trust factor varies by age. Younger audiences trust blog posts a bit more (11% of 18-34 vs. 0% of 55 or older) and articles by the CEO (23% of those 18-34 vs. 9% of those 55 and older) more than older audiences. They also put more trust in company-generated news overall – about 30-32% of those 18 to 34 do not trust any source of company-generated news. Older audiences are more skeptical.

But the fact that press releases remain the most-trusted communication source for company news doesn’t surprise Miranda Tan, CEO of MyPRGenie. “We see it every day, in the traffic numbers on our newsrooms, and in the feedback we get from customers who see dramatic increases in web traffic, SEO, and revenue after they embark on a comprehensive PR effort that includes regular press releases,” Tan says.

You can see the complete results of the Inkhouse and GMI study in a free eBook, available for download at:


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