Competitive Link Analysis Tips

If you envy your competitors’ SEO strategies that are taking them to the first page of Google and hindering your way up, then be sure to include the following competitive link analysis tips into your SEO plan. Do not beat around the bush by adopting all the run of the mill link building strategies for your website. Your competitors have probably been able to get high search engine rankings because they have thought, planned and developed a roadmap for their SEO link building. Now is your turn and here’s how you can improve your websites visibility on the Internet:
1. Identify Your Competitors:
Your first task is to identify your competitors. Not every website that shares your business niche is your competitor. You can identify them by analyzing your keywords. The websites that use the same keywords as you and are ranked higher than your website are most certainly your competitors.
2. Track Competing Strategies:
Now that you know exactly who you need to track, it’s time to start analyzing. Look for the outbound links for each of the competitors. If the links are from the same host or IP, you competitor is most probably buying links, or has a business affiliation with the host. Track their online public relations on article sites and news sites. Also check for other online sources that are being used for link building like social media platforms.
3. Devise Your Plan of Action:
Keeping your SEO strategy strictly white hat, try to forge as many link-building affiliations as you can. Get involved in social media and social networking platforms that are making your competitor’s online presence prominent. And last but not the least, use any other innovative or creative means that have the potential of helping you outshine your rivals.


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