Tips To Improve Search Engine Ranking

“Publicity of Business Website” is what every business looks forward to, to make the business itself acknowledged. In order to publicize a business online, a general business practice is Search Engine Optimization. The marketing team of almost every business has a dedicated team that is responsible for SEO, in order to gain a higher search engine rank.
Search engine ranking majorly depends on how many quality visitors a website has. The acquisition of unique quality visitors is possible by making the website available to the eyes of masses which in turn can be achieved by increasing its visibility on search engine i.e., increasing search engine ranking of the website. In order to improve the search engine ranking of a website, there are two strategies generally adopted:
1. On-Page Optimization
2. Off-Page Optimization
Here is how the two can individually be applied, to accomplish the collaborative goal of elevating a websites rank on search engines.
1. On-Page Optimization:
This includes measures that need be adopted on the website itself, in order to let the search bots crawl it sooner and index it faster, making it get a higher search engine ranking.
i. Every website has its associated business keywords. Make the keywords your business representatives. Use them in your website’s URL, the title and in the content.
ii. Make sitemaps for your website, which help search bots to crawl webpages faster. If you make any change in the webpage linking, your sitemap should be updated accordingly.
2. Off-Page Optimization:
This includes techniques that should be applied outside the website, that help lead the website to achieve higher search engine ranking.
i. Publicize your website by promoting your business news and happenings. Press Releases serve this purpose of taking news to media, public and search engines. When news gets to the intended audience, it is bound to deliver quality traffic to the website.
ii. Publicize your website in general public or targeting your audience using Social Networking Websites. Promote it in the business arena by using Social News Websites.
iii. Publish online content that favors your business. Write original articles and blogs and publish them online to let them advocate your business’s vitality.


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