Top 10 Ranking Factors

As there are now hundreds of search engine optimization strategies, it can be hard to pinpoint the important ones. Here are the 10 most effective factors that can help you improve your search engine rankings:
1. Google Panda:
Panda update has been the worst nightmare for sites that have been using low quality, shallow or duplicate content. This algorithm has successfully detected and penalized many websites for thin content by lowering their ranking.
2. Sitemap:
Websites with proper and updated sitemaps usually get indexed quickly and are able to achieve high search engine rankings. Sitemaps are an excellent tool to tell search engines which pages should be indexed and which ones you do not wish to appear in the search results.
3. Google+ Weight:
Google+ is the latest social networking site by Google. It is speculated that having a business presence on this network will increase your rankings and give you more visibility online.
4. +1 Effects:
+1 button on Google enables users to vote for websites that they like and tell search engines and people that they had a good experience with them. This button can be integrated on a website to allow people to vote for it and help it get a better search engine ranking.
5. Site Speed:
Site speed is one of the major factors that influence the users’ experience with a website. A slow site irritates users and gets fewer re-visits, which is why search engines consider it while calculating rankings.
6. Social Impact:
Every social platform where a business succeeds in establishing its presence contributes towards improving its search engine ranking.
7. Mobile Search:
With the increasing popularity of smart phones, mobile search is becoming more and more important. Search apps like Google Goggles and Google Instant give special significance to each searched result. Hence, optimizing your site for mobile phones also affects ranking.
8. Black Hat Linking:
Link-farming, paid links and cloaking are black-hat SEO techniques for link building that are detected by spiders and eventually adversely affect a website’s rank.
9. White Hat Linking:
Social media marketing, quality content, press releases and niche oriented advertisements are white-hat SEO techniques that should be practiced by all kinds of sites to improve their ranking.
10. On-Site Optimization:
On-site optimization is an excellent way to make a website readable and accessible to search engines. See On-Page Optimization Tips to learn more about how you can use it to get better rankings on all major search engines.


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